Clem Russell's First Round Mock Draft

I am an older gal than I once was. I no longer can play sports or keep up with the rigorous demands of an athlete's life. What gives me the rush instead is to live vicariously between young, bright stars in the globe's big sports. Sometimes, however, the smaller sports are where you truly appreciate the art of athleticism.

Today, I will be going through my RYL draft predictions, highlighting why I think these athletes will go far in the lovely little sport of yakball. 

#1 - Carolina Flyers

Iato Yalf (EN)

Every team needs a solid Enforcer. They will likely have the ball more than any player on the pitch, and need to be exuberant and active and happy to play. No one is more exuberant than Iato Yalf, the enigmatic enforcer that has been turning heads this draft season. Mrs. Joock has this idea, and I will stick with it: Yalf is first overall material.

#2 - Montreal Maroons

Jack Goff (C)

Goff is probably the most interesting Center to not hail as a player-manager. He is likely to be quick off the board, and Margarine is an Enforcer, meaning he will be looking for one. The activity in the Discord means he will be lurking and prepared to both score and block yaks. Goff would be a fantastic choice in first or second overall.

#3 - Warsaw War Saws

Gustav Åhr (C)

Åhr has a lot of upside as one of the first signees for Yakball. As one of the first teams to be announced, Warsaw may want to bring the Russian Center to Poland. Åhr is known for his love of niche online sports communities, and could be one of the best centers in the draft. Easily. 

#4 - Atlanta Avengers

Yevin Yarianna (W)

A coveted winger from Yakistan, Russia, Yarianna likely has the rawest yakball talent. He was born and trained from birth to play yakball. The Avengers likely fancy him, and player-manager Mata likely knows him well enough to make him his wing partner. This is looking like a safe pick prediction.

#5 - Glasgow Nationals

Arm N. Hammer (EN)

Hammer is a standout enforcer, competing in the Exhibition Game's second period. We don't know yet his skills, only that he is prompt and eager to play Yakball. Often times this is enough, though Nationals may wish to scout him before making this decision. 

#6 - Seattle Thunderbirds

Demetrios Ooga (EN)

Ooga is renounced for his unparalleled activity in a certain other fake sport (shoutout to my colleagues in 501d). It is uncertain whether it would translate to the RYL, but Ooga has a lot of promise as an Enforcer, which requires active players. Ooga could be a steal at sixth overall if he lives up to potential, and Palco would do well to make him his first pick.

#7 - Lake Tahoe Albino Otters

Tequila Sunrise (C)

 Despite being a Center himself, Holden MeWilly has been adamant about his longing to draft a second Center if the opportunity arises. Tequila seems like his kind of player, though in all the Otters draft strategy is a big question mark. 

#8 - Magpies YC

Conor Sexton (C)

Magpies get the last pick in the round, though with the serpentine it will surely benefit them to get two in a row. The Glasgow club has a few close connections to the roster of free agents, though Irish international Conor Sexton definitely is one of the most intriguing yakballers remaining. He is bound to be a reliable Center across from Finnish captain Aarre Levanen. With the Otters sucking up all the Centers, Magpies likely need to scoop one up fast!