College Baseball Pre-season Rankings -Andrew McBadBat

Using my high tech devices, I have done a pre-college season power ranking for all 10 teams.

After being informed that Michigan is not Michigan state. 

Here we go, from 10 - 1.

#10 Clemson

Clemson, Clemson, Clemson. Where did you go so wrong? After failing to reach last season, you hardly make any improvements. 

This season will not be easy for you, see you before season 5.

#9 Western Ontario,

 not even a state college, who let you into this?

#9, next.

#8 Georgia Tech

You've got the pieces, but your coaching staff got in trouble last year for trying to give a kid who was starving lunch. The NCAA doesn't like charity or puppies, so I am legally required to put you at 8.

#7 Walla Walla

Now we are getting to the real colleges, Walla Walla, just isn't there yet. They could be, however, if they get some serious performances out of Two fingers and Blue Duck.

Good luck Walla Walla. You need it.

#6 Michigan

Michigan State just doesn't have it this year, it's like they're not even here.

Wait, this is states scouting report. Why won't this thing let me edit their ranking? 

Ah well, Guess you'll have to live with 6. Prove this blasted machine wrong.

#5 Wichita State

Wichita has some serious potential in Red Lobsterologist and Bobo Bones. I just worry that the entire staff might just not have enough stars. It takes a lot to be the best in this game. But 5 is the perfect starting block for Wichita State.

#4 Stony Brook 

StonyBrook is looking sharp. They've got serious studs up and down, the only thing they are missing is a little more in the pitching staff, and personality. They're in your face, and if they follow the talk with the walk, then they are going to challenge the 3 teams in front of them.


Fine. Screw you. You can't manage to be good, and humble, so I guess you'll just take good. This team is pushy, this team is rude. Quite frankly, if they didn't have studs like Good Doggo, Sniffer Pownes, and Wallace Grommet. I wouldn't have to put them this high. Calm your shit UCLA, and you'll be higher next time.

#2 Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech, you've struggled to get here. Recruitment has managed to finally bring a bevy of personality and talent. Cam'ron West, Yolo Hernandez, Bingo Hammersmith, Josh Bay. You just don't know when to quit, do you? You have a big chance this year, don't waste it.

#1 Nebraska

Well good god, Every member of this roster has talent, and potential, quite frankly if 4 Nebraska players DON'T go in the first round, then the MLR GM's don't have a clue about this game. 

Ichabod Crane Wiener III 

Dingus Dongus 

Delta Airlines 

Barry McKockiner 

Where does it end, this could very well be the first four picks of the draft if they keep this up.

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