Draft Day Interviews with Pill!

Today we sat down with 3 draftees to ask them about their hopes and dreams on this, the first day of the rest of their lives.  Check out what Tanner Hendrix (EN), Pawel Pawelski (EN), and Gustav Ahr (C) had to say!

1. On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you that today is the day your yakball dreams will finally come true?

TH: It's about a 100 right now. It's going to be crazy to get this thing started.

PP: Definitely a 10/10. It's always been a dream of mine to be a yakballer and to finally get that opportunity is incredible

GA: 10

2. Is there a particular team you're really hoping to get chosen by in today's draft?

TH: I of course have my teams I would like to play for but I'm not going to disclose that information.

PP: I'd love if Warsaw drafts me. As a Poland native it would mean a lot to be able to represent a local team and my country all at once.

GA: No, I'm just happy to be considered.

3. On the flip side, is there a team you're hoping to avoid?

TH: I wouldn't say there's a team I wouldn't play for. With every team just staring there's a real chance to establish a winning culture anywhere.

PP: There really isn't a team I wouldn't play for.

GA: Not at all, I'll star anywhere

4. What skills and intangibles do you think you bring to your prospective team?

TH: I'm a experienced fake sports player and know how things go. As the scrimmage had also shown I'm a good strong defensive and physical enforcer. I think that says a lot about my play as a whole and what I can bring to team and it's image. 

PP: I'm a great clubhouse personality and a force on the court. So I can get guys fired up in big situations. 

GA: IQ, fun and just a great player 

5. Are there any other players in the draft that you think will have a great chance of success in this league?

TH: We all really have a chance to be successful.

PP: That Tanner Hendrix guy really has the ability to make a splash in the league. Great player and a great guy to be around. He's got all the tools to succeed.

GA: Yevin

Good luck to all our draftees today and thanks for stopping by!