Pill Joock's YakBall Mock Draft (round 1)

Pill Joock's YAKDRAFT Round 1 Mock.

(Round 2 will be released tomorrow)

  1. Carolina- (EN) Iato Yalf: With the inaugural pick of the Fake Yakball draft, I believe PM Charles Bae will take the most interesting prospect on the board. Iato is an absolutely raw athlete that will take some coaching to fully evolve into his final Yakform, but that seems to be exactly the type of project Bae seems interested in taking on. His size, speed, and keen sense of awareness make him a can't miss.

  2. Montreal- (C) Jack Goff: With the 2nd pick, I like Margarine taking the best player at the most important position on the floor. Goff had monster numbers in the predraft combine, and in 10 years could have his own statue outside the Montreal Yakdome and all the poutine he can eat...IF he can stay injury free.

  3. Warsaw- (W) Phil Coulson: The first big surprise here of the draft! Despite Saxety Yak playing the wing, he's gone ahead and drafted another, hoping to build his team from the outsides in. Its also surprising because Coulson has been having a rough go of it in the pre-draft exhibition match. The Bladez (Warsaw's vocal supporters group) are booing mercilessly at this selection, but perhaps Saxety sees something the rest of the league doesn't in Coulson. He also might just be an idiot.

  4. Atlanta- (W) Yak Anderson: The PM with the really long last name that I don't feel like typing out right now will take a cue from Warsaw and also look to shore up the wing position. This is a risky move as Anderson has been tapped to be the next up in the event an expansion team is started, but to have a player of Yak's caliber still available at 4 is too good to pass up. The Avengers will look to convince Anderson that the best opportunity to win will be to make Atlanta his permanent home.

  5. Glasgow- (W)- Aoife Cunningham: The Unicorns manager Celikianya Amare knows Cunningham well from their time together in other fake sports leagues, and will use the 5th pick as his opportunity to grab a known quantity he can build around. Coming into the draft, a lot of the talk had Amare taking an Enforcer here, but with so many left available, he probably has the luxury of waiting until the next round.

  6. Seattle- (EN) Tanner Hendrix: Palco and Hendrix were once traded for each other in another sport so it might seem like an awkward matchup here, but Che will take any opportunity to add another Seinfeld superfan to his squad. He really doesn't care much about winning, he just cares about his teammates getting his references. Oh but also, Hendrix is really really good at fake sports and know how to get his Yak on.

  7. Lake Tahoe- (W) Glimmer De Lune: MeWilly and the Otters will add De Lune here and hope he can be the cornerstone for a potent offense. MeWilly had the opportunity to see all of De Lune's skills up close and personal in the pre-draft exhibition and was no doubt in awe of what he saw there. With another selection just around the corner, look for the Otters to try and continue to fill out their attack.

  8. Magpies YC- C Tequila Sunrise: With the final pick of the 1st and with his 2nd pick immediately after, I like league Godfather Aarre Levanen to find his centerman to anchor the spine of his squad. Tequila is clearly the best Center available and Levanen has to be surprised he's dropped this far. He'll snatch him up quick and pour himself a shot of Jose Cuervo to celebrate.