Players to watch, College Ball - Andrew McBadBat

Hello Fake College ball, I am Andrew McBadBat, a beat writer for the MLR, through 501D.

And I am here to talk about college rookies. I know almost every one of them is special, so I had to take hours to narrow down the candidates to one per college. 

Joshua Jones C/3B Stonybrook

It is scarcely often that power gets brought up in the MLR without seriously considering this kind of athlete. He carries himself with that sort of swagger that cannot be measured. More than likely a career catcher for any MLR franchise, but he could easily be used at the hot corner.

Pre College grade: B+

Jones will be a star in the Majors, it only matters that he's got a team around him to let him do so.

Callie Braden LHP Michigan 

Callie Braden, a superstar in the making, or Icarus flying too high? Braden is a Left-hand pitcher out of the Great Lake State. Coming out of high school they were a high profile player looking to make their rounds. Middling velocity, matched with electric movement and solid delivery, Callie might be on many draft boards in the coming weeks.

Pre College grade:A-/C+

Braden is going to be a star, or a flash in the pan, only the GM that drafts them will know the answer.

Delta Airlines CF/RF Nebraska 

Delta Airlines is a new player on the scene, being a surprise signing for a high profile team, he was actually discovered by a well-known scout for an MLR team which has requested to remain nameless.

"Airlines has the potential to light up the scene, and we may have to take him in an earlier round than planned because of Nebraska."

Pre College grade: B

Unproven, for now. This grade could end with a post of an A, or better.

Arthur Vandelay 2B/SS Clemson

Arthur is what happens when a dynasty continues. Son of heralded early fake baseball scout Rodger Vandelay. Arthur was raised in an MLR household. Then he hit high school, and the fake baseball world exploded. He could hit, he had an eye for the ball. This kid has the tools.

Pre College Grade: A.

The potential is there, but I worry he plays a crowded position. Vandelay should not be ignored by any team.

Cal Otter SS/CF      Georgia Tech

Cal Otter, a young gun for the new era of Fake Baseball. This kid is a video room extraordinaire, this reporter was unable to even stop him for an interview with how hard he was working on his swing. He looks into every pitcher he's going to be facing, days in advance. He may know the starters in this league better than their own mother's.

Pre College Grade: B

He might not be a 10 Home run hitter, but this kid can be a big part of an organization who can use his flexibility. 

Napolean Shortsleeve 


A name that is hard pressed to be noticed and paid attention to. Shortsleeve was always going to a school like UCLA, a high profile talent that has two questions on his mind.

"Who's taking me in the first round?"
and "How many mistakes go before me?"

Pre College Grade: A

It's infrequent that ego of this size would be matched by talent, but Shortsleeve is that one of a kind type.

Johnny Twofingers 3B/2B Walla Walla

I know what you're thinking reader, why doesn't Twofingers here have a photo?

He's an enigma, and before this signing, no member of the game had heard of him.

But after his first public batting practice, every member of the media had heard the name Twofingers.

Pre College Grade: ?

He's simply amazing in the cage, but without high school stats, this walkon has too much left to chance.

Stubby Footman 2B/3B Western Ontario 

Footman is fast, footman is consistent.

To quote a famous misquote.

"Footman gets paid"

Enough said.

Pre College Grade: B

He's gonna be solid no matter what you need.

Reuben Sand-Witch 1B/LF Virginia Tech 

Larry Longshot, Mylo Grahm, Forehead Jones.

Power hitters for the Ages, and yet, Sand-Witch has been here so little, and his name has already become a shoo-in to be a part of that list. It's only a matter of what team wants to have this Sand-Witch in their bat bag. 

Pre College Grade: A-

Red Lobsterologist C/3B Wichita State 

If the draft was a popularity contest, Red here will go first overall. Proven to be a personality that the rest of the community has already learned to enjoy having around, Red here will have a shot to be the captain of almost any team in the game.

Pre College Grade: B+

He's got the talk, let's see if he's got the walk.

Andrew McBadBat

McBadBat is a beat writer for the 501D.