Players to Watch For in Session 1 and Onward

What these exhibition games have taught us leading up to the inaugural RLY season is that many have the potential to be stars! Whether this is feasible or not will be seen with time, but here are the players that stood out to me in the preseason games as possible Yakball elites. 

Foxx Dashington - Center

Foxx Dashington has had a phenomenal game for his first international cap. The American center single-handedly crippled the Canadian defense, scoring 6 yaks in 7 attempts, the first ever Double Yak Trick. Dashington plays for the London Royals, and could soon become the kind of Yakball. Fans will be looking to see if he has similar performance in his game against Warsaw, who are likely already scouting him heavily. 

Arm N. Hammer - Enforcer

Another American international who was a big part of the USA's big second period in their friendly against Canada. Hammer has molded himself into a fantastic enforcer, with more Pass Opportunities than most players in the young game so far. He did fantastically to get the ball down the pitch in each of the US's possessions in the second period, and is no doubt an asset to Warsaw, and is likely an international starter for the foreseeable future. 

Demetrios Ooga - Enforcer

Continuing a growing list of Americans, Ooga impressed with what he did for his club team, the Seattle Thunderbirds. In an exhibition against Glasgow Nationals, Ooga passed 9 and intercepted 10, an amazing number his contemporary couldn't begin to match. Ooga came in late for the American national team as well, and has held his own in the early stages of the third period. This list should tell you that the USMNT looks very strong, and could be favorites for the World Cup in the future!

Bam Margarine - Enforcer

Bam Margarine, the player-manager for the Montreal Maroons, took the show with the sport's inaugural exhibition game. He's held his own in the international friendly against the US, likely as the best player for Canada thus far. Margarine solidified himself early as a premier enforcer alongside Arm N. Hammer, and it's hard not to put him on this list. He is responsive and has intercepted his fair share of yakballs. 

Saoirse ó Súilleabháin - Winger

The Irish winger has loads of potential in her position, and just recently got a yak to add to her resume. She has fantastic strategic ability and could be a stalwart in that Glasgow Nationals lineup. The Irish national was named the player-manager of her country's team, and should see a lot of success in both club and international play. 

Richard Northstar - Winger

Northstar has the midfield prowess of a winger with the scoring ambition of a center. He scored the first ever yak in the game's young history, an absolute banger that made many fall in love with the sport. He hasn't seen much playing time since, though fans should expect a lot from him in the Glasgow club Magpies YC. The Danish national carries his nation on his shoulders, and hopes to inspire young Danes to pursue the sport and launch his country into World Cup competition.