Roughly 12 Issue 2 - Tequila Sunrise

Roughly 12

by Rodney Copperfield

I'm here with Tequila Sunrise current Gm of the playoff bound Yankees. They sit as the only team to clinch their division. Sunrise has been active over the season making several trades. With such success in such a short time, I was thankful enough to get an interview with him and here's what he had to say.

1) This is your first year as a GM, were there any problems that you weren't expecting?

A: Constant hate. Constant doubt. I hate being the underdog, especially after being the first to clinch your division and having 2x as many wins as losses. At some point it just gets to you a little bit. Props to the players though. Always positive, always hungry, I really couldn't have drafted a better team if I wanted to.

2) Speaking of draft, obviously everybody was aiming for the Paper Cup, but was there any other goal or strategy you used to build your team around?

A: I was lucky enough to have be in charge of NPR so I got firsthand experience of all of the great prospects on tap... I feel like I had the most info on the most guys going into draft and that allowed me to draft arguably the best expansion team. My main goal was activity. Hands down that was my number one priority. I had a few guys in mind that I drafted from the Carp and the rest went pretty smoothly.

3) Will we expect to see NPR this Offseason, and will there be any changes to it this time around?

A: no lol, NPR is dead, it got turned into LLR.

4) Having now clinched your division, what do you think set your team apart from the others?

A: Oh jeez... In terms of purely clinching, having one of the easiest divisions helped... The Blue Jays came from a paper cup appearance but didn't even show a sliver of what they were... The TBDR are all bark no bite, and we've only played the Red Sox once, where Angel Leon threw an absolute gem against us. So 4-1 in division certainly is a boost to a season.

5) Well now that you're in the playoffs, what team do you consider to be your biggest threat in the AL, and how do you plan to defeat them?

A: Easily the Royals. They absolutely destroyed us in the regular season, and hopefully, if we play them again, the game will run through Polo. I think our pitchers got a little shell shocked. As the old saying goes "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face" and I think we got punched and couldn't get back up. It happens, and we learned from it and kept pushing. I think we'll be more prepared come next time if we play them again.

6) And who do you not want to face in the Paper Cup?

A: The Phillies. I feel as if they make it there it might as well be destiny.

7) So let's imagine a scenario where you don't make playoffs, what team are you rooting for?

A: Man, so many good teams and even better to choose from. I would probably go with the A's. JP has been a good friend of mine for awhile and he's got a great team. They play their hearts out and would absolutely deserve to win the Paper Cup.

8) Cool, now this question comes from Jay in my last interview. Why would you deserve Manager of the Year award at the end of the season?

A: I started off with nothing, and made a damn good team out of it. Two of the expansion GM's have already stepped down, so clearly it's no easy thing to do. The only other expansion gm who compares is Z, and no disrespect to him, but I think I've filled out a better roster and a have made better moves throughout the season, not only to win this year but to win next year as well.

9) Speaking of next year going into the Offseason, is there any specific direction you plan to take when it comes to the draft and signing free agents? Will the outcome of your playoff run affect it?

A: I have a few friends around the league I have interest in bringing to New York, but other than it's staying true to what I did this year and build off of that. Depending on playoff success might change how much I want to mix things up, but we'll see how that all goes.

10) Tell us something about you that the readers may not know?

A: Idk... What don't people know about me. I feel like I'm more active than people might realize, lately it feels like I'm getting lumped in with the inactive GM's but I feel like I'm around kind of a lot.

11) What question would you like answered by my next guest?

A: Do you think your team is liked or hated? Which do you prefer? Why?

12) Is there any message or statement you would like to say to those following along?

A: If you ping me in #press-conferences at any time I'll answer questions about my answers here and further elaborate if you want to hear more from me.

We get some good takeaways from this. NPR is dead and may all the players over there Rest in Peace. And that we get good insight of what to expect for the Yankees for the future.

That's all for issue, who would you like to see be interviewed next? Tune in next week.