Roughly 12 Issue 4 - Isaac Snowbender


Earlier this week, I sat down with brand new General Manager Isaac Snowbender. He looks to bring success to The Minnesota Twins in Season 4. For those that may not know, Isaac was a catcher for the San Francisco Giants and sported a line of .172 avg/.265 obp/ and a war of .338. While not a stellar statline, there were other ways he was stellar. he frequently was involved in stat tracking and active in the discussions when it came to proposals. So it wasn't much of a shock when he was announced as a new GM. So let's get right into it.

1)  Since you are a new addition to the Gm list, what was the reaction in the Giant's clubhouse when they found out?

A: They seemed kind of of sad to see me go because I used to be pretty helpful for scouting with the team, but happy for me at the same time. [Andrew] Peters seemed sad because I used to give him good links for pirated TV shows and movies whenever he asked.

2) Well lets hope the Fake Authorities dont read this article. What things do you plan to take away from the giants and adapt it in your leadership? What things are you going to do different?

A: I loved the positivity in the Giants clubhouse. Nobody ever blamed anyone when something bad happened. If someone hit into a double play, we didn't make fun of that player or anything like that. I'd love to keep that in the Minnesota clubhouse. Something to change? I'd love to encourage more activity with the MLR community. it felt like EVERYONE hated the Giants for some reason, and I think it was just because there weren't many people in the main server for players to connect with.

3) So is it safe to assume activity above all else for the twins clubhouse, or will there be focus elsewhere?

A: Dongs, that is all.

4) So to get dongs, are you going after vets or draftees this offseason? And what is the reasoning behind it?

A: Pitching is very good in this league. 25% of games are shutouts. Averages go down whenever players are on base. Dongs win games. I'll go after a mixture of vets and draftees. Vets might be tough, but I prefer veteran pitchers over rookie pitchers.

5) What type of park should we expect to come from the Twins? Do you have any ideas for names?

A: That's classified

6) If you could choose any division to have the twins play in, what division and why?

A: I'd rather play in the canon division. I'm assuming we're going to be in the AL Central. It'll be pretty scary to play the Royals and the Tigers this year. We even have to play new expansion teams such as the White Sox and Indians. Expansion teams are going to be great this season. There is a ton of talent in this draft class. With that said, this is going to be one of the toughest divisions in the league. Anyone could win it. This is all based on the fact that I was thrown in the AL Central channel with the White Sox and Indians.

7) So there are some rivalries in MLR between teams. Who would you want/ consider to be the Twins rivals?

A: It's hard to tell right now. It takes time and games to build up rivalries. I wouldn't even say there were that many rivalries in the MLR right now. Giants and Rockies seem like the biggest one, but I was on one of those teams so I might be bias.

 8) What are you most excited about when it comes to Gm-ing

A: I'm excited about seeing the reaction of the rest of the league when we win a ton of games.

9) Babatunde Oladotun asked this question in the last article. Who is your favorite MLR personality and why?

A: Ooga because I fucking hate him

10) He's your favorite cause you hate him??

A: yes

11) What question do you have for our next guest

A: Why do you hate ooga

12) Lastly is there anything you would like to say to the readers or any potential twins out there?

A: uhhh no

There you have it. As of writing this, The twins have signed veteran pitcher Filet-Mignon Jackson, and catchers Jack Jackie Jackson and Kevin Arianna. It will be interesting to see what  other names fill the roster and how the Twins will do this season. Will they follow their gm's statline, or will they be the team to beat? Its still early and this draft could be big for them. Thank you for reading and tune in next time to Roughly 12.