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What these exhibition games have taught us leading up to the inaugural RLY season is that many have the potential to be stars! Whether this is feasible or not will be seen with time, but here are the players that stood out to me in the preseason games as possible Yakball elites.

Today we sat down with 3 draftees to ask them about their hopes and dreams on this, the first day of the rest of their lives. Check out what Tanner Hendrix (EN), Pawel Pawelski (EN), and Gustav Ahr (C) had to say!

I am an older gal than I once was. I no longer can play sports or keep up with the rigorous demands of an athlete's life. What gives me the rush instead is to live vicariously between young, bright stars in the globe's big sports. Sometimes, however, the smaller sports are where you truly appreciate the art of athleticism.